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Prepare for Square!

We have 6"x6" canvases in the office available for $1 each -- stop in and pick yours up today!

We are located in the office at the back of the Gallery Shop at 824 Pike Street, Lemont, PA 16851.

The Square Show opens with a grand reception, Wedneday July 10, from 6–9pm!

This exciting show consists of hundreds of 6"x6" square artwork created by you, our artists, available for sale for only $25 each, all to raise money for our beloved Art Alliance Gallery Downtown!

And we are looking for donations! It is simple to do:
(well, maybe not the making part, but everything else)

1. Make a 6"x6" artwork


3. Donate it to the Art Alliance Gallery Downtown --
drop off your work at the Art Alliance Gallery Downtown on Sunday, June 30, from 4–6pm

We have canvases available at the Art Alliance OR Gallery Downtown for you to buy for only $1 each if you need them! -- then be sure to bring your friends and family on July 10

Also, NEW THIS YEAR — We are having a Preview Show for Square!

Come enjoy a chill reception on July 5th from 5-8pm and choose your favorites to come back and buy the night of the 10th! We are looking forward to seeing you there!

Art of the Body continues at the AAGD until June 30th

A visual exploration of the uniquely human desire to adorn and decorate ourselves.

Humans have expressed their identity, social status, and sexual desirability through self-adornment for thousands of years. Through tattoos, piercings, scarification, make up and hair styling we continue to express our individuality.

The Art Alliance of Central Pennsylvania is using this show at its’ Downtown Gallery to showcase several local tattoo and piercing artists and by doing so, actively encourage the community to become involved in diverse art experiences and expand the boundaries of what is traditionally thought of as art.

Art of the Body runs from June 7th-30th.

Special Make-Up Workshop! Friday, June 21 as part of "art of the body"

Also, be sure to join us for a special Make-Up Workshop with Cynthia Mazzant & Roxy Arroyo at the Gallery Downtown on Friday, June 21 at 5pm held during the Central PA Theatre & Dance Festival weekend. From fantasy makeup, including a bit of warrior, to a bit of gore, we will look and play with the face as an art canvas.


TRIBUTE invites you to create a work of art that is, in essence, a tribute to an artist or particular piece of art and answers some of the following questions:

Why are you an artist, photographer, sculptor? Is it in your DNA? Was there a seminal event that pointed you in this direction, changed your compass heading to "creative"? What was the first work of art that moved you? Was there a piece of architecture that took your breath away? Is there an artist that you would want to have lunch with?

TRIBUTE will run August 2-25 in our downtown gallery. Opening reception planned as part of First Friday, August 2, 5-8pm

Entry Form and Payment due in the Lemont office by Wednesday, July 24 at NOON

Click here for a printable PDF file of the Call for Entry

Visit our online registration website to sign up today or call the office at 814-234-2740 or stop by any time at 824 Pike Street Lemont at the back of the Gallery Shop. 


Art Alliance Summer Camps 2019

Summer Camps at the Art Alliance 2019

Read about and sign up for camps on our registration website -- openings still AVAILABLE!

Ages 5-8

Jun 17–21 -- Cats! 

We will be using a variety of different materials to create a week full of cats! Projects will include finger puppets, 3-D cat sculptures, cat family portraits, cat tissue paper paintings, cat masks, and creating cat short stories and poetry books.

Jun 24-28 -- Bug Out!

Do insects have fan clubs? Sure they do and we will become fans by making our own t-shirts, masks and bug prints. Let's show how much we love insects by creating our own giant paper mache creature. Who knows, maybe we'll even create a bug rock band?

July 15-19 -- Mini Makers

From paper marbling to 3D sculpture, we will be making art out of a wide range of materials. Bring your creativity and imagination and let's Make Art!

July 22-26 -- STEAM Rollin'

Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Math! We will be making lots of art while exploring science and math topics, too. Join us and see how they all come together this week.

Aug 5-9 -- We Can Build It!

Buildings are giant sculptures that people can go into. Let's create a caste or a tower or an ancient pyramid. Let's make a building of the future. We will do cool architectural art with wood, metal, clay and paper mache.

Aug 12-19 -- Ways to Go

Do you want to design your own car or your own flying machine? Do you want to set sail on the high seas with your specially designed ship? We will have so much fun figuring out how to make things fly, roll and sail. We can take your ideas and use found objects, wood, paint and clay to make them come to life! There are so many ways to go!

Aug 19-23 -- Color Printmaking AM

Explore COLOR and PRINTMAKING through scientific experimentation and art creation. Make original prints and works of art in a fun, creative environment using various materials and a number of techniques.

Ages 7-11

Jun 24-28 -- Puppets

We will be using a variety of materials to create many different types of puppets this week. Some of the projects will include a family of finger puppets, simple sock puppets, folded paper puppets, and we will also experiment with marionette creations!

July 8-9 -- Brazil!

Bem vindo as Brasil - Welcome to Brazil! An intensive multi-media art and cultural experience featuring the old and the new, the AMazon rainforest, Brazilian folklore, food and dancing.

July 15-19 -- Art in Math & Nature

Explore and make art using tessellations, number patterns like the golden rectangle and Fibonacci, fractals, tangrams and more! Drawing, collage and painting!

July 22-26 -- Storybook Landscapes

Books record our history, communicate ideas, and tell a story … but can they do more? We will take an old, ordinary book that is heading to the trash, and recycle it into something extraordinary: a 3-D fairytale landscape. Bring a worn-out book and an open mind as we put a new spin on the old saying: "from trash to treasure".

July 29-Aug 2 -- Comics, Cartoons & More

From your imagination to the page and beyond! Create your own characters and bring them to life. Tell their story through sequential art, animation, puppetry and theatre games.

Aug 19-23 -- Color Printmaking PM --

Explore COLOR and PRINTMAKING through scientific experimentation and art creation. Make original prints and works of art in a fun, creative environment using various materials and a number of techniques

Ages 4-6

July 1-3 -- Little Birds of A Feather

Explore birds and experiment with different ways to make art in your first art camp experience, designed for those who have not yet attended kindergarten. Spread your wings and fly into this mini art camp! This session is limited to 6 participants.

Ages 9-teens

Aug 5-9 -- Clay

Explore hand-building techniques and learn how to use patterns and textures to decorate surfaces. All materials and time for glazing are included in the fee. Our returning and older students will be offered expanded options.

Aug 12-16 -- Clay

Explore hand-building techniques and learn how to use patterns and textures to decorate surfaces. All materials and time for glazing are included in the fee. Our returning and older students will be offered expanded options.

Ages 11+

Aug 12-16 -- Drawing Outside the Boundary

Students will review drawing foundation skills initially for the first few days and then explore new media with the introduction of non-traditional materials. Example of contemporary artists and samples of unique techniques will be reviewed.

Aug 19-23 -- Acrylic Painting TRICKS to use with Collage

Students will learn how to produce an "Acrylic Lift", Stamping, Sgraffito and Rice Paper Transfers. The students will experiment with acrylics in the first few days of the class and finish a final collage on a "theme" of their own choosing. The final mixed media art work will incorporate both traditional painting and non-traditional techniques.

Click here for a PDF file with a listing of the Art Alliance Summer Camps


Summer Adult Art Classes are available now on our online registration site! 

The second session of classes begins July 15 and runs thru August 8.

Click here to register online today for classes like:

Exploring Oil Painting with Marisa Eichman Kupiec - Mondays, 9am-12pm

Drawing Trees with Ann Taylor-Schmidt - Wednesdays, 1:30-4pm

Drawing and Painting: Individual Projects with Jennifer Kane- Mondays, 1-4pm

Painting Open Studio, walk-in, pay as you go $10 each time - Tuesdays, 9am-12pm

Pen & Ink & Watercolor For Your Enjoyment with Mary Shay McGuire - Wednesdays 9:30am-12pm

Stained Glass with Ken Plattner - Wednesdays, 6:30-9:30pm

Between the Lines in Watercolors with Michele Rivera - Session 2, Thursdays, 9am-12pm

Introduction to Oil Painting with Marisa Eichman Kupiec - Thursdays, 1-4pm

Open Model Session, walk-in, pay as you go $10 each time - Thursdays, 7-9:30pm

Click here for a PDF file of our printable schedule


The Art Alliance needs you!

Do you have some "free" time? Feel like doing something to help people out? Why not sign up for something to do at the Art Alliance? We need people to:

  • clean the art center;
  • help with art exhibition opening receptions;
  • help with the garage sale
    -- be the "organizer;" receive donated items (before the event); organize the items into a "shop;" price items; staff the garage sale while it is happening (over a weekend in August); take left over items to the Goodwill.


Volunteer Spotlight

Many, many thanks to all our hardworking volunteers. The Art Alliance could not do all that we do without you and your great ideas, your energy and your spirit. Here is one example of one our awesome volunteers and how they are making a difference for the Art Alliance.

We will be featuring our stellar volunteers on a regular basis on our About Us page under Volunteer Spotlight. So if you know someone you would like to see in our Volunteer Spotlight, please contact the office at 814-234-2740 or email us at We know we have a lot of deserving members!

Bob Placky volunteer spotlightRobert Placky

Robert is a recently retired secondary art teacher from the State College Area School District. He taught for 40 years, focusing on advanced classes and portfolio development. Many of his students obtain degrees in the arts at major universities and art schools. He has stayed active in the art community with his involvement with the Art Alliance of Central Pennsylvania. He is the Secretary on the Art Alliance Board of Directors and the Exhibition Chair. One of his yearly highlights is hanging the Abstraction Show.

Robert is an artist/adventurer that loves the outdoors and thrives under cerulean skies. He is an acrylic painter that uses mixed media on canvas and in print to capture the essence of place. He lives in Park Forest with his studio dog, Jayda.


Pop Up Art Classes!

We are excited to be able to provide "PopUp" art classes for those who are interested in a two-hour art adventure that requires no experience and nothing to bring!

Gather your friends, invite your relatives or come alone and enjoy an opportunity to try something new or indulge a long-lost hobby with no long-term commitment or investment required.

Snacks and drinks are included as well as all necessary supplies.

At the end of the two hours you will have a finished piece of art to take home!

Call the Art Alliance at 814-234-2740 or stop by the office at 824 Pike Street, Lemont, PA, at the back of the Gallery Shop, to sign up before the class.

You can also sign up for Pop-Ups online! Choose the Summer Pop-Up Classes under the Session Search


Introduction to Gouache Pop-Up

with J. Harlan Ritchey

Friday, June 28, 7–9pm

Less common than acrylic or watercolor but sharing qualities of both gouache is a fun and versatile opaque water-based paint. Try your hand at painting a small still-life and learn techniques that highlight the unique properties. Students seeking to incorporate gouache into traditional transparent watercolors are also welcome.

Snacks and drinks are included as well and all necessary supplies will be provided for your use.
At the end of the two hours you will have a finished piece of art to take home!
Fee: $20
Contact the Art Alliance at or call the office at 814-234-2740 to sign up before the class.


Introduction to Soapstone Carving Pop-Up

with instructor Chris Bittner

Monday, July 15, 6:30–9pm

Students will be introduced to soapstone as an easy-to-carve artistic material. We will learn about soapstone's origins, uses and properties, proper use of tools and safety practices. During the class, each student will use rasps and sandpaper to carve and polish one or two small pieces that may be pendants or small sculptures. Students will keep their pieces and take home a new artistic skill.

Snacks and drinks are included as well and all necessary supplies will be provided for your use.
At the end of the two hours you will have a finished piece of art to take home!
Fee: $25 plus a $5 materials fee
Call the Art Alliance at 814-234-2740  or stop in the office at 824 Pike Street Lemont at the back of the Gallery Shop, to sign up before the class


Watercolor Fruits from the Farm Pop-Up

with J. Harlan Ritchey

Friday, July 26, 7–9pm

Paint still life bounty from local markets. Techniques will include wet washes and mixing rich botanical colors. Students who are also welcome to incorporate pen-and-ink or gouache.

Snacks and drinks are included as well and all necessary supplies will be provided for your use.
At the end of the two hours you will have a finished piece of art to take home!
Fee: $20
Contact the Art Alliance at or call the office at 814-234-2740 to sign up before the class.


Member News — find more Member News on our Art News page


speaking of supporting the arts...

Rent Angels for the Gallery Downtown -- Thank you!Join the growing host of Rent Angels!

As part of a sustainted effort to keep the downtown gallery open and operational as an art gallery, the Art Alliance has initiated a "Rent Angels" program through which members of the public can sponsor the gallery for a month.

Click here for a link to the letter for more information about the program and how you can join this growing cohort of community-minded, art-loving individuals in helping to keep fine art an integral part of downtown State College.

Also feel free to contact our office to speak with Marie Doll at 814-234-2740 or email us at with questions, etc.

A huge

Thank You

to our current Rent Angels:

Tom and Paulette Berner

Heidi Nicholas & Bruce Fleisher

Ed and Charlene Friedman

Linda and Bob Hale

Elizabeth Kirchner

John and Cinda Kostyak

Robert and Ann Pangborn

Thomazine Shanahan

Dolores Taricani

Don and Peggy Zimmerman

McQuaide Blasko, Thomas Miller

Rapid Transit, Terry Loesch

The Tavern Restaurant, Pat Daugherty


Our Members' Artwork Around Town -- Outreach Exhibitions

These outreach exhibitions that are in place throughout town accomplish two of our goals as your community art organization. They provide the opportunity for individuals to be inspired by art in places they go for other reasons - banks, theatres, libraries and retirement communities. For our featured artist members, these exhibitions allow them to take their work, usually sold in galleries and juried shows, and present it in a more public venue.

Our current outreach exhibitions in the community:

The Corner Room Wendy Snetsinger, acrylic paintings May & June
The Corner Room J. Harlan Ritchey, pen & ink, watercolor, gouache paintings July & August
Downtown State College Improvement District Offices Barbar Metzner, acrylic paintings June 7-30
Juniper Village at Brookline Debbie Lintal, watercolor June & July
Liberty Craft House Scott Owens, photographs May & June
Portfolio, A Salon Mary McGuire, watercolor June & July
The State Theatre Mary Deutsch, acrylic paintings
May & June
The State Theatre Isabel Kumerz, acrylic paintings
July & August
SPE Fed Credit Union, Science Park Dr. Fran Jones, acrylic June & July
The Field Restaurant The Farmland Preservation Artists,
assorted artists and media
rotating artwork by FPA artists

Members who would like to be considered for an outreach exhibition should contact Marie at the office: 814-234-2740 or email

Other Member Shows

These members have let us know that they have work in the following exhibitions and venues. YOU CAN TOO! Please tell us if you are having an exhibition somewhere so we can help get the word out to those who are interested in visiting.

Art Alliance Gallery Downtown, 123 S. Fraser Street, State College, PA 16801 art of the body, a body art exhibition open thru Sunday June 30
Bellefonte Art Museum,
Community Gallery
Cinda Kostyak, paintings
April 1–28, 2019
Bellefonte Art Museum,
Pottery Gallery, NEW!
Melanie Rosenberger
April 1–28
Bellefonte Art Museum,
Photography Gallery
name, medium
Bellefonte Art Museum,
Print Gallery
Tom Berner, photographs
thru March 31
Bellefonte Art Museum,
Sieg Gallery
name, medium date
Betsy Rodgers Allen Gallery, Schlow Library name show date
The Bottleworks, Johnstown, PA name"show" date
Café Lemont name, medium

Common Place, 115 S. Fraser Street, State College, PA
name, medium date
Cool Beans coffee house, Bellefonte, PA
Susan Nicholas Gephart, paintings March & April
Elk Creek Cafe brew pub, Millheim, PA
Stacie Bird, photographs up in June
Otto's Pub & Brewery, N. Atherton, State College, PA
name, medium
Expect More Store, Kish Bank, 114 S. Allen St, State College, PA
name, medium
Foxdale Village, 500 E Marylyn Ave, State College, PA
"Layers" a collage, mixed media group show sponsored by the Art Alliance opens with a reception Sunday, June 23, 3:30-5:00pm and runs through August 12
State College Framing Company & Gallery name, show date
3 Dots, 137 East Beaver Ave, State College PA 16801 (814) 954-8938‬
Susan Graham acrylic paintings June & July
Webster's Bookstore & Cafe, 133 E. Beaver Ave State College, PA show artist date

If you are an artist member and would like to have a listing here please contact the office with the details at


Some spots still available in our art camps for preschool, elementary and teens!

"art of the body" a new exhibition, continues until June 30th downtown

TRIBUTE show August 2-25 in our downtown gallery

New Pop-Up Art Classes coming up

Make some Squares today! Stop by the office for your 6"x6" canvas -- only $1 each!

around town in May & June :: Mary Deutsch has her work at the State Theatre ... at the Kish Bank Expect More Store, Anni Matsick in June (opens Fri, June 7 5:30-7:30pm); Barbara Metzner is at the DID in the MLK Jr. Plaza near the AAGD -- stop in and see!

Summer Art Classes - session 2 begins week of July 15

Robert Placky is our new featured Volunteer Spotlight person!

Artist members shows around town -- see Member Shows section!

Online Registration

Gift certificates are available!

Rent the art center!

email us or call 814-234-2740 to find out more

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