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The Art Alliance of Central Pennsylvania is a nonprofit organization that exists to serve students, artists and the art-loving public in Pennsylvania's Centre County, the adjacent counties, and beyond.

Our organization builds bridges between teachers and art students of all ages, as well as between artists and potential art patrons.

The Art Alliance actively encourages community members to become involved in diverse and ever changing art experiences.

At present the Art Alliance has approximately 350 members, all of whom are dedicated to recognizing, developing, and supporting visual arts. New members are always welcome.

Our adult classes, workshops and short-term exhibits take place in our own Art Center building at 818 Pike Street in Lemont, PA. Children's classes and summer camps are held in the walkout lower level of the adjacent Gallery Shop building at 824 Pike Street. Our office is also located in the Gallery Shop building. The rear yards of both buildings overlook picturesque Spring Creek as it winds its way through the historic village of Lemont. The buildings are located very close to the Pennsylvania State University's main campus.

Since its incorporation in 1968 the Art Alliance has grown to support affiliate groups. Current affiliates are the Potters Guild and the Farmland Preservation Artists. The Potters Guild maintains studio space in the lower level of the Art Center building. The of the Potters Guild Facebook page is here and the Farmland Preservation Artists' Facebook page is here.

Our Mission

To promote the visual arts by providing art education for adults and children, offering opportunities for practicing artists to exhibit and teach, presenting the public with quality exhibitions and sales, and cooperating with other organizations to initiate arts outreach programs that serve communities across Central Pennsylvania.

Volunteer Spotlight

Many, many thanks to all our hardworking volunteers. The Art Alliance could not do all that we do without you and your great ideas, your energy and your spirit. Here is one example of one our awesome volunteers and how they are making a difference for the Art Alliance.

We will be featuring our stellar volunteers on a regular basis here on our About Us page under Volunteer Spotlight. So if you know someone you would like to see in our Volunteer Spotlight, please contact the office at 814-234-2740 or email us at artalliance05@gmail.com. We know we have a lot of deserving members!

Robert Placky

Bob Placky volunteer spotlightRobert is a recently retired secondary art teacher from the State College Area School District. He taught for 40 years, focusing on advanced classes and portfolio development. Many of his students obtain degrees in the arts at major universities and art schools. He has stayed activity in the art community with his involvement with the Art Alliance of Central Pennsylvania. He is the Secretary on the Art Alliance Board of Directors and the Exhibition Chair. One of his yearly highlights is hanging the Abstraction Show.

Robert is an artist/adventurer that loves the outdoors and thrives under cerulean skies. He is an acrylic painter that uses mixed media on canvas and in print to capture the essence of place. He lives in Park Forest with his studio dog, Jayda.


Chris Bittner

chris bittner volunteer spotlightI volunteer for the Art Alliance of Central Pennsylvania because I love art, artists and helping to bring culture and beauty to the community. Having a group of like-minded people doing what I do in so many different media inspires and pushes me to push myself. The Art Alliance is a vital part of Happy Valley and I am honored and happy to play a part.

Chris Bittner is a sculptor, art lover and Art Alliance Board member. He lives in Lemont, PA with his lovely wife, Jennifer.


Stacie Bird

I volunteer for the Art Alliance of Central Pennsylvania because I love art, artists and helping to bring culture and beauty to the community. Having a group of like-minded people doing what I do in so many different media inspires and pushes me to push myself. The Art Alliance is a vital part of Happy Valley and I awn honored and happy to play a part.

Stacie Bird is a photographer, art lover and Art Alliance Board member. You can find her work online at https://birdworks.smugmug.com. Her work will also be featured in the November show at the Art Alliance Gallery Downtown.


Bob & Jeanette Baumbach

Bob joined the Art Alliance in 2005 shortly after his retirement as an art teacher at State College Area High School. Jeanette became more active along with Bob when she retired in 2008. They love to hang shows, especially if it means working with Jim Bright. Bob and Jeanette also enjoy maintaining the flower boxes and front landscape at the Lemont studio.

The Art Alliance hopes our members notice the lovely landscaping at the studio. We are so lucky to have you, Bob and Jeanette!


Bob Carline, April/May 2017

Bob Carline has just completed his second 3-year term as a member of the Art Alliance’s Board of Directors. He served as Secretary for 2 years and as President for the past 2 years and has this to say about his art and the important role the Art Alliance played in his own art journey:

“For many years, I tinkered with carving soft woods and painting them, but never made any noteworthy pieces. In 1990 I took a course in carving hardwoods from Bob Butler and I was hooked. Bob encouraged me to take classes in drawing and sculpture, which is how I first became involved with the Art Alliance. Those classes taught technique, but more importantly, helped me get a better understanding of how to express myself in a piece of sculpture or a drawing. The interactions with instructors and other students fueled creativity and experimentation. Creating abstract clay sculptures challenged me to forego symmetry, which as a scientist is such a prominent feature of life. I get a charge out of taking a piece of wood, removing all that is unnecessary, and discovering that enchanting form that lies below the surface. The grain of the wood adds to the beauty and the mystery, because it is impossible, at least for me, to predict just how the grain will appear in the finished piece.

I started carving fish and strove for realism. Those early carvings were accurate, but unappealing. I then tried more abstract images with attention to the form and flow of the piece. I then moved on to pieces that could be caressed, not just observed. Now, my favorite sculptures are those with graceful forms that one can hold and rub. You can even detect a faint aroma to the wood. Wood sculptures that offer something for multiple senses seem to me to be the best. They cry out to the observer – “touch me”.

Thank you Bob!

Chuck Fong, February/March 2017

Needless to say, my introduction six years ago to the Art Alliance has brought me a treasure trove of benefits. Not only was I able to share my art photography with my colleagues, but also the ability to present my work to the community at large. Since art is not created in a vacuum, the opportunity to view others' work and to meet these creators personally has enabled me to be exposed to the exchange of enlightening ideas and both constructive and negative criticism.

The Art Alliance not only benefits the exhibiting artists themselves, but the organization offers art classes to both children and adults alike. Through its five or six exhibitions per year, artists of all media and skills are encouraged and challenged to share their best work. Opening night receptions for these shows bring together scores of artists and hundreds of friends and guests in the celebration and sale of the art.

It is my hope that the Alliance will be able to continuously attract both artists who create traditional offerings, but also showcase those to whom avant-garde is their watchword.

Thank you Chuck!

Karen Lintner, January/February 2017

As chair of the Education committee, Karen is responsible for setting up the adult class schedule for each term, contacting the teachers regarding classes they would like to offer, coordinating with Marie to create new class offerings, and finding additional teachers for the adult classes.

Karen also coordinates with Schlow Library in setting up the annual Instructor's Show in August in the Betsy Rodgers Allen Gallery and with Rhoneymeade,for the annual student and teacher show in May (all students from Art Alliance classes for the past year are encouraged to participate).

Karen sometimes makes suggestions for pop-up classes and workshops. She teaches or assists with the two kids’ clay camps in the summer, and draws on her many years of experience in the art classroom to help keep the children's studio organized.

Karen is also responsible for coordinating the use and maintenance of the Art Alliance kiln, outside the children's studio.

Karen joined the Art Alliance in 1979, when she became a member of the Potter's Guild, and served as chair of the Guild for several years. She is also an Art Alliance board member.

Karen welcomes ideas for new classes, or other suggestions regarding adult class programming. She can be reached at karenlintner2@gmail.com, or 814-234-3945.

Thank you Karen!

We list our Adult Education classes and kids summer camps online ... click here to see

Brenda Horner, November/December 2016

Brenda HornerSeveral years ago the Art Alliance was contacted by a local bank to provide rotating art exhibits in their lobby. The Art Alliance realized that this was a great opportunity for member artists as well as providing interesting exhibitions for bank customers. This idea took hold and other local business owners began requesting artwork for their lobbies as well.

Brenda had been a member of the Art Alliance for about ten years and during that time she had taken a few classes and attended some workshops but she is, in large part, a self-taught watercolor artist and calligrapher.

About a year and a half ago she was able to devote time as a volunteer. She contacted Marie to ask what opportunities might be available. Marie explained the concept and goals of the Outreach Program to Brenda and asked if Brenda would be interested to take over scheduling artists for the existing venues.

Marie also encouraged Brenda to work on expanding our short list of venues at that time. So Brenda began by contacting artists from a long list of member artists that Marie provided and learned who the artists were who were interested in exhibiting their work locally.

As Brenda narrowed down this list of participating Outreach Program artists, she has been able to develop a good working relationship with everyone. Brenda has made it a practice to contact artists well in advance to schedule exhibits, trying to be respectful of preparation time and their own personal schedules. Since those early months of making the initial contact with the artists, Brenda has been able to devote more time to contacting potential venues.

Brenda continues to cultivate good working relationships with the venue managers along with the many artists to make the program beneficial for everyone involved. She says "My hope is that we will be able to add more artists and venues in the coming year."

Thank you Brenda!!

For other volunteer opportunities or to find out if you can exhibit at any of our outreach locations, contact our office at 814-234-2740 or email us at artalliance05@gmail.com

A Special thank you to Bob & Jeanette Baumbach

A special heartfelt thank you from everyone at the Art Alliance to Bob & Jeanette Baumbach for their wonderful work on the Art Alliance window boxes and studio landscaping. You make our building look so beautiful!!

Our Board of Directors

Executive Committee

President Tom Berner
Vice President Chuck Fong
Secretary Bob Placky
Treasurer Linda Hale
Ex Officio Marie Doll, Executive Director

Board of Directors

Tom Berner, of the Farmland Preservation Artists Chris Bittner
Randy Doughty, of the Potters Guild Stacie Bird
Linda Hale Karen Lintner
Bob Placky Adrienne Waterston
Cathy Zangrilli Chuck Fong

Office Staff

Marie Doll Executive Director
Diane Kesidis Office Manager
Adrienne Waterston Design / Social Media / Webmistress

Strategic Plan 2015-2019

In early 2014, the Art Alliance Board of Directors initiated a new strategic planning effort for 2015-2019. The Board and four groups (newer members, longtime members, students, and younger members) were involved. Although there were differences between the groups, the same types of interests and concerns arose from multiple groups. Goals and strategies became clear.

We are proud of the work that went into this plan, and appreciate of the thought that all those involved gave to the Art Alliance and its future. The resulting plan builds on the Art Alliance’s strengths and addresses areas to be strengthened; it will serve as the blueprint for moving the Art Alliance forward.

By our making this plan public, everyone can see the results of the planning process, and we will have a single frame of reference as we work to improve the organization.

Over the next five years, Art Alliance committees will be assigned specific strategies to implement. We invite you to help us achieve these goals. I am excited about the future of the Art Alliance. We are and will be taking steps to bring new life into this well established organization. We want to make it the best it can be for the benefit of our members and the community at large.

Link to copy of 2015-2019 Strategic Plan

Contact Us

Give us a call or write us today! We are happy to answer any questions you may have about our classes or exhibitions or speak to you about becoming a member or our volunteer opportunities.

The Art Alliance office is located at 824 Pike Street in Lemont (inside the Gallery Shop).

Our Art Center is the adjacent building, at 818 Pike Street

Our mailing address is: P.O. Box 811, Lemont PA 16851

Telephone: (814) 234-2740

Email: artalliance05@gmail.com