ATLAS Project Call for Artists

Jan 25, 2022 | Latest News

2020 Photo Contest Winner: “Fall Colors on Spring Creek in the Spring Creek Canyon” by Robert Vierck. Courtesy of The Spring Creek Watershed Atlas.

The ATLAS Project is looking for contributors for a brand new project being launched to celebrate the local Spring Creek Watershed.

Teachers can turn it into a class project, scientists can create something for it as an extension of their work, outdoor enthusiasts can create work based on their favorite locations, and of course artists are invited to create and share.

The Atlas group is hopeful that this project provides a vehicle for people of all ages to explore the watershed, study it in their own way, and create something to be featured on the ART page to share with others.


The Atlas Project is a public outreach and educational service of the Spring Creek Watershed Commission located in Centre County, Pennsylvania. Our mission is to inform the public about the environment of the Spring Creek Watershed, its waters, its ecosystems, its challenges, and how the human population is affecting it.

We are adding a new segment to the Atlas home page to celebrate the watershed and it’s various uses by hosting a collection of art about the watershed.

Call for Artists

You are invited to participate in adding Art to the Atlas! Here’s how:

  1. Choose a topic from our list (see below*) (alternatively, you may find one of your own)
  2. Read up about your chosen topic
  3. Create a piece of artwork about that topic (or choose an existing piece)
  4. Write a short statement about your topic and how the work relates to it
  5. Photograph your work and submit the photo and statement to us

Learn more at Spring Creek Watershed Art page.

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