Painting image, Irrational Exuberance by Jean Giddings

BEYOND EXUBERANT, an art exhibit featuring the unbounded abstract art of the local artist group, Art Sisters, will be on display at the Elk Creek Café at 100 West Main Street, Millheim from October 14 through December 31.

We invite you to share in the extended exuberance of the Art Sisters abstract painting group. Their bold and sometimes subtle statements in the form of color, line and shape express a lived experience that we all can feel and understand from an intimate part of ourselves, willing to look beyond the solid frame of perspective. This deepening into our shared lives opens the community of oneness that we all can step into and honor.

“We are so excited to share our enthusiasm for the opening up of our world in the blazing colors that fall brings and the holidays inspire in our hearts and yours,” says Deena Ultman, participating artist.

Art Sisters is a group of women artists who met serendipitously in an abstract art class some years ago. We are Art Sisters as our art and relationship continues to grow through classes, critiquing and supporting each other…and an added bonus of lunching together. By using brushes or squeegees; sponges or bubble wrap; huge canvases or small art tablets; bright acrylics or pastels and charcoal, we have developed our individual abstract styles. Art Sisters is the name given us by Barbara Metzner, whose spirit will always be with us. Art Sisters include Melinda Harr Curley, Mary Deutsch, Jean Giddings, Susan Graham, Mary Shay McGuire, Wendy Snetsinger, Marica Tacconi, and Deena Ultman.

All paintings on display are for sale and can be viewed during regular dining hours: Wednesdays Taproom 5 – 8pm, Thursdays 5 – 8pm, Fridays & Saturdays 4 — 8 pm and Sundays 11am – 1pm.