Book Signing October 15

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You are invited to celebrate Laura Nejako’s new book, Let’s Become Strangers, at her book signing event this Saturday, October 15 at 2:00 pm at the Art Alliance Center. The event will feature an author reading of select chapters and a Q&A led by Blake Ciccio.

Book Description

“I always knew that, someday, enthusiasm over a kitchen appliance would mark the beginning of my descent into old age. However, I thought I had at least until the end of my mid-twenties.”

After the dissolution of her carefully set plans, twenty-three-year-old author Laura Nejako finds herself single, living with her parents, and ready for reinvention. Consisting of essays written over the course of two years, Let’s Become Strangers examines the nature of desirability, the transiency of life, and the interconnectedness of strangers. By adding humor to the seemingly mundane, Nejako discovers levity and meaning in the unexpected.

These essays pose thought-provoking questions like:

  • Does snail mucin smell delicious?
  • Why do dating apps and pet-finding platforms share so many similarities?
  • How does one accept that everything will change?

Let’s Become Strangers is for anyone wondering “So what happens next?”

Author Bio

Laura Nejako is an author, editor, and educator. She graduated magna cum laude from the Pennsylvania State University, obtaining three degrees over five years: a Master of Arts in creative writing, Bachelor of Arts in English, and a Bachelor of Science in English secondary education. She loves all forms of storytelling and her work has spanned fiction, poetry, and personal essays. Her writing and art has been featured in Kalliope, Klio, Pennsylvania’s Best Emerging Poets, and other publications. She currently lives in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with her dog, Finn.