Decorate a Starfish for Mental Health Awareness Month

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Do you know May is mental health awareness month? Every year the Jana Marie Foundation leads a community project to create awareness for mental health and suicide prevention. Local organizations and their members, guests, and families decorate a symbolic object to exhibit in participating locations in downtown State College throughout the month of May. The theme for this year’s project is “Starfish,” which represents and symbolizes resiliency, healing, and renewal.

Similar to past years, Jana Marie Foundation has asked us to help with this year’s project by decorating starfish cutouts. The starfish are cut from 18″ pieces of corrugated plastic and you may take as many as you like.

To participate, stop by the Art Alliance office in the Gallery Shop building between 10:00am–5:00pm to pick up your starfish cutout.

To ensure positive reception from the community, there a few parameters for your artwork:

  • Decorate BOTH sides of your starfish in a way that uplifts others an conveys a positive message of mental wellness, hope, peace, etc..
  • The artwork must be free from controversy—no political, sexual, or socially offensive content, please.
  • Artwork should strive to convey a positive and recovery focused approach to mental health wellness. We want to ensure our message is one of hope and inspiration.
  • Have fun and be creative! Use paint, collage, fabric, or any medium of your choice.
  • Sign your creations.

Return your starfish to the Art Alliance by April 20, 2022.

By participating in this project,you agree that the artwork will remain Jana Marie Foundation’s and allow images of the art to be used on the website and social media. You understand that although we will try to include who created the art, there may be times where images are used without the artist names.

If you have any questions please call the Art Alliance office (814) 234-2740 or email us at [email protected].