Donna Lawrence Exhibition at Downtown Improvement District

Nov 9, 2021 | AA Member Exhibitions, Exhibitions, Latest News

Adventurous Views

Local artist Donna Lawrence’s first exhibition is on display at the Downtown Improvement District offices. Her show, Adventurous Views, will be on display through December. Way to go, Donna! 

Artist Bio

Art has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. From crayons to graphic design my passion for creativity has brought me much joy over the years. I grew up in Easton, PA and did my undergrad study at Kutztown University in Communication Design. From there, for many years, I worked in DC for multiple ad agencies and a large non-for-profit company where I started their in-house graphic dept. 

It was my father who introduced me to paint by numbers in oils as a young girl and the beginning of my life into the world of painting. I stayed with oils for awhile and eventually converted over to acrylics as I found this medium to work best with my painting style. The Impressionism Era is where my inspiration developed when I discovered Claude Monet’s works. I fell in love with this style of painting with the mixture of colors overlapping and the movement of the brush strokes. It was VanGogh’s style that really captured my attention. I took a 6 week course about VanGogh based on the traveling exhibit that was in town at the Muesum of Modern Art and began to work on developing his techniques into my paintings. 

I like to use vivid colors and layers of mutlifple colors in my landscapes. I never use black in my paintings to create the darks colors, this is acheived by mixing a varity of colors to get the effect I want as I find black dulls the color of the paint.

I also have a love for photography and all my painitngs are photos from places I have traveled to whether it be here in the area, out west or down in the Lowcountry. There is beauty everywhere you go and my camera is with me at all times becasue you never know what might be out there waiting to be captured on film that I can turn into a painting.

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