Basic Drawing: An Introduction to 2D
Sept 13 – Nov 1 (8 weeks)
with instructor Peter Frantz

In this course, students will develop basic drawing skills as they learn 2D design concepts and color theory primarily through drawing.

Course Objectives:

  • Develop an understanding of creative process (brainstorming, idea development, seeing an idea through a variety of permutations) and the ability to inventively solve visual problems
  • Develop the ability to concentrate on visual problems over long periods of time, and the strong work ethic necessary to a career in art/design
  • Develop skill in objective, perceptually based drawing
  • Develop skill in non-objective drawing
  • Develop sensitivity to and appreciation of the formal aspects of drawing, (mark-making, composition,
    value, structure, etc.)
  • Understand simple form within illusory space as achieved by traditional principles of perspective
  • Explore a variety of drawing media