Beginning Drawing – in-person in Lemont
Tuesdays, 6:30–9pm
at the Art Center in Lemont
with Erica Parsons

This drawing class will focus on different techniques to help improve your skills to create more realistic works of art. It will teach perspective through shading and gradation techniques using graphite pencils to achieve more life-like imagery within your drawings. It will go over tools and tricks to help you create realistic works, building on skills learned within the class, and a variety of projects will also take place within this four week course.

Required Supplies
3- 18×24 in. pieces of drawing paper (One can be used as a “folder” for them to transfer their work back and forth each class.)
3- 9×12 in. pieces of drawing paper
1- 2H pencil
1- 2B pencil
1- 4B pencil
1- eraser
1- kneaded eraser
1- blending stump
1- sanding block
Paper clips or binder clips- 1 per student
Optional Supplies:
1-3H pencil
1-4H pencil
1-3B pencil

Erica Parsons