Exploring Oil Painting – in-person in Lemont
Mondays, 9am–12noon
at the Art Center in Lemont
with Marisa Eichman Kupiec

In this class we’ll be exploring and developing our skills in different oil painting approaches and techniques. We’ll increase our knowledge of brushwork, blending, layering, values, colors, edges, composition, various styles of underpainting, and glazing, etc. Direct and Indirect Painting – we’ll look at the different skillsets and approaches for each. We’ll steal some techniques from the Classical traditions too. I’ll start each class with a demonstration. Bring in your own project or work from a project I set up for you. Recommended but not necessary – email me and let me know a bit about your background, experience, and what types of things you’re interested in working on.

Required Supplies
Beginners can email me for a supply list.
Marisa Eichman Kupiec: 814-237-0064 [email protected]