Fluid Art via Zoom Pop-Up art class

Fluid Art via Zoom Pop-Up art class
Friday, August 7, 7–9pm
with instructor Nicole Packard

Have you always wanted to learn fluid art? All you need is acrylic paint in a variety of colors, white glue (we will use equal parts glue and paint so 2-3 8oz bottles of glue should be plenty), water, small paper cups (8-10), a garbage bag to put under your painting to help contain the mess, a paintbrush, and silicone oil (you can buy this at Wal-Mart). You will also want a few canvases or something to pour onto. In addition to canvas you could choose to use ceramic tiles (like those for kitchen backsplashes) or wood. Artist Nicole Packard will walk you through the process over zoom.

Teens welcome!