Mary Cady — a retrospective

Opening Reception
Saturday, May 15 — 2–4pm
Art Alliance Art Center, 818 Pike Street, Lemont, PA

Show runs
Thursday, May 20–Saturday, May 22

Gallery Hours
1–4pm each day

Excerpt from the article about Mary Cady in CentreArts —
“While Mary is widely known for her sculptures, her drawings and “boards” have gotten great attention from collectors and critics. The highly textured and painted narrative “boards” tell the stories of Mary’s Reedsville home but don’t stop at the county line. Her comprehensive reaction to the events of September 11, 2001, has been praised by art lovers and historians. These “boards” often combine subjects from her sketchbook with literary figures or mythological characters. Her work has been informed by her rich academic background, her curious nature and her extensive personal reading. Mary has taught life drawing and sculpture at the Art Alliance over many years. Her influence on the regional art scene is long and deep.”

Read the entire article about Mary Cady in CentreArts on page 24 & 25