“All This and More”
A solo exhibition by Rebecca Poarch

As a senior Drawing and Painting BFA, my work has strongly developed and realized the blurred line between abstraction and figuration, in conjunction with these developing ideas in the contemporary art world. I seek to share with my audience the alternative world created in my works,
as they are a reflection of my reality.

My work aims to tell stories of girlhood, love, loss, sexuality, and other physical and emotional experiences, creating a personal mythology and diaristic narrative. With a vivid color palette, I seek to create a world of bright light from darkness, or a utopia from a place of vulnerability.

Speaking with ephemerality and mysticism through the medium, my work seeks to understand the bodily experience of this alter ego, as she is a reflection of my reality. She finds herself yearning for her idealized world, understanding that she has the power to all this and more.