The Art Alliance }figure{ative Show 2021

}figure{ative Show 2021

March 5–14 at the Art Alliance Art Center
virtual opening reception, Friday, March 5, 6–8pm
Juror, Steven Sherrill

Formerly “The Go Figure” show, this show has a 2-decade history showcasing artworks of the human figure by Central Pennsylvania artists. Entry to the show is not juried.  All work must have the human figure as the dominant theme; clothed figures, nudes, and portraits are all invited. 

Juror — Steven Sherrill

Steven Sherrill is a Professor of English and Integrative Arts at Penn State University. He has five novels and a book of poems in the world. Though primarily a novelist, visual art has always been an important part of his creative output, and intake. In addition to making hundreds of paintings (and most of those figurative in some way), Steven has interviewed Kiki Smith and James Rosenquist for Modern Painters; he has written for TATE Magazine and Art Review; and he has taught art writing and art practice at the university. Somewhere along the way painting reared its oily and colorful head. Since then, he has endeavored to live an art-centered life.

Show Dates and Hours

The Exhibit will open by appointment only at the Art Alliance Art Center in Lemont on Saturdays, March 6 & 13, and Sundays, 7 & 14, 12–4pm. 

Opening Reception

The opening reception will be held virtually the evening of Friday, March 5 from 6–8pm. Prize winners will be announced at this time. 

Prizes and Judging

Cash prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place will be awarded. In addition, Honorable Mention awards will be given to other notable works.

Sales and Conditions

Works may be for sale. The Art Alliance charges a 20% commission of the selling price for work sold at the show. The Art Alliance is not responsible for lost or damaged artwork.