Mondays 1–4pm
June 1–15 (3 weeks)
Instructor Ingrid Booz Morejohn

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Do you already have a pile of gelliplate prints that you don’t quite know what to do with or that don’t feel quite “finished”? In this online zoom class we will create an original art journal or personal book using our own gelliplate prints and other papers and ephemera easily found at home. This class is specifically tailored for those who are homebound. The Art Alliance will provide a “kit” of tools for each student to “borrow” for the length of the course.

Lesson 1: Creating additional papers suitable for a journal or artbook.
Lesson 2: Gathering, preparing and finishing your papers.
Lesson 3: Binding them into a finished journal.

  • You don’t have to have taken the May class of gelliplate printmaking but you do need to have gelliprints already made.

  • We have created “student tool kits” that you can borrow from the Art Alliance to make it possible to work from home [brayer, 5” x 7” gelliplate and a quantity of paper]. You will need to supply your own acrylic paints. As soon as you sign up for the course you’ll receive a list of materials you can start gathering and making from home and suggestions where to easily, cheaply and safely purchase your acrylic paint.

Click here to register online today!