Members Show 2022


The Members Show offers the opportunity for all Art Alliance members, regardless of their level of expertise, to show their work. We look forward to this double annual show featuring the work of our many talented members. The 2022 show was split between June and July and held at KISH Bank Expect More Store on S. Allen St in State College.

A Popular Vote with a $100 cash prize is awarded to the artist whose work receives the most votes in each half of the show. Votes were cast in-person by visitors to the show.

All works are original and have not won awards in previous Art Alliance shows. Works may not be reproduced in any manner without explicit permission from the artist.

Popular Vote Awards

June Winner

Holding On by Breanne Goldsmith

Charcoal and pastel

Members Show 2022 June 16, 2022
Members Show 2022 June 16, 2022

July Winner

Morning on Moraine by Mary Beers

Gouache on watercolor paper


Randi Anderson

Rick Avery

Joe Beddall

Mary Beers

Paulette Berner

Thomas Berner

Linda Borch

Bob Carline

Melinda Curley

Mary Deutsch

Dotty Ford

Peter Frantz

Breanne Goldsmith

Susan Graham

Linda Hale

R. Paul Harris

Cheri Harte

Art Heim

Ann Hettmansperger

Maxine Jones

Avis Jones

Joanne Juhl

Anne Kenyon

Peggy Klinger

Carrie Koch

Joanne Landis

Donna Lawrence

Eric Markievich

Anni Matsick

Tom Mickle

Susan Nicholas Gephart

Charlie O’Neill

Mary Shay McGuire

Jennifer Shuey

Melissa Stephens

Steve Torok

Milt Trask

Mary Vollero

Carol Wright

Nancy Brassington