Fun Art Projects to do during our Stay At Home time

Want to take the Museum Project to the next level (see museum project below)?

— thanks to Karen Deutsch

A group of Art Alliance artists has started the Centre County Mini-Museum project! Create 4 walls (and maybe a floor) and install your own mini-artworks to create a physical but small gallery to be assembled into a mini-museum at a time when we can safely get together!

Check their website and join their Facebook Group for more details and to see the participants’ progress.

Instructor Ingrid Booz Morejohn’s @HomeArtTips:

After several weeks of homeschooling and kitchen-table-art-projects you probably have a large number of dried up felt-tip markers. Don’t throw them out just yet – It’s easy-peasy to squeeze more life out of them:
1) Sort markers by color (save caps for other art projects). Practice  color mixing by combining primaries (red, yellow and blue) into secondary colors (orange, green, purple). Or make your own colors like turquoise (blue, green and yellow).
2) Place markers with tip down in a cup or jar 1/3 full of water and leave soaking overnight (baby food and small mason jars are great).
3) The next day, voila! you have liquid watercolors that you can paint with like any other watercolor. The colors will get more concentrated the longer you let them soak and after letting a bit of the water evaporate. Eventually the markers go completely white and there’s no more color left. You’ll be surprised how much ink is actually left inside your markers!
4) If you use a small lidded jar these paints will store indefinitely.
5) PS — if the markers are Crayola brand they will recycle them for you. 

From the Warhol museum!

Everyday Objects and Transformation


—  from Lisa Turner [thanks Lisa!]
Hello fellow artists!  
Take the challenge!!
Make a sculpture out of everyday objects! 
Be sure to ask permission to use objects and where to put it (try to avoid glass! 🙂
Decide how long to leave it in it’s place, take a picture, make another, challenge someone in your house or a friend to make one and show you!!
The possibilities are endless!!
Here are some ideas! 
Use objects from the bathroom/closet! And put the sculpture there!
Make an expression/face!
Make a centerpiece that requires stacking and balance.
Make something abstract/shape design.
Rearrange regular objects like dish towels to create an eye catching arrangement.
Stack cans on the floor and drape with objects from the kitchen.
Make something that looks like a figure.
Make an unusual arrangement in an unlikely place.
Make some food art out of snacks! Stack or stick things together… then eat!
Work on a sculpture that really needs balance to stand – stack, lean, dangle. It takes time… but we have it!
Open the junk drawer and put together simple objects to make something… like a bird or other animal… or just an abstract cool looking arrangement.
Go..look around.. what can you use?? Shoes? Pillows? Game boxes? Tools?… 
Have fun!


Make A Museum! 

— thanks to Lisa Nelson!
Even though you’re staying at home, you can still visit a place in your imagination.  What museum would you like to visit? What would it look like if you were in charge of the museum? 
Cardboard box, turned inside out
Sharpie or bold marker
Colored pencils, markers
1. Turn your box inside out. Make sure you tape down the ends (the long seam is not as important. 
2. Draw windows, doors and steps, any details you think you need for your museum.
3. Color it in.
4. Add to it, can you tell what we used for the grass?
5. Cut the windows & doors so they open and close (you may need help for this step)
6. Make miniatures masterpieces to go on the walls…
7. Peer in through the windows to look at the art 🙂

Make Your Own Puppets

Follow along as our instructor Adam Swartz makes puppets! Click here for a link to his website with “how to” videos.

Thought this was a cool staying at home activity… visit a museum and find one work you really like — make a copy using whatever you have at home!

Virtual Art Museum Tours…

From the Travel + Leisure article …

The Museum of the World (the article said British Museum, was their a name change?)

The Louvre — Online Tours: Visit the museum’s exhibition rooms and galleries, contemplate the façades of the Louvre…

The Google Arts & Culture Tour of the Guggenheim — looks like they are putting up a show, in the past I presume

But more generally The Google Arts & Culture website has lots of links to museums etc. Very cool! Here are some more …

The National Gallery of Washington DC — has two online exhibits “Fashion of a Nation” and “Vermeer and the Masters of Genre Painting”

PergamonMuseum, Berlin

Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Uffizi in Firenze, Italia

The National Museum of Anthropology in Mexico City

Museu du Arte de São Paulo Assis Chatabriand in São Paulo, Brazil.

This is also a great art museum resource!

which includes some of the things above