Fun Fact and Abstraction in Lemont

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Fun fact: the Art Alliance building was originally the home of the YMCA and located behind Old Main at Penn State before it was moved to Lemont and repurposed as the Lemont Band Hall! Our little building, which has housed our studio and exhibition space upstairs and the Potters Guild studio downstairs since about 1969, has always served as a community oriented space. ♥♥♥ 

Matt Maris wrote a wonderful little article for, Lemont Village: A Crossroads of History and Culture, that is worth a read. Thank you, Matt for sharing of some of our story and The State College Home Project for the painting!

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“Lament, Lemont”

Amidst the rumbling, roaring, and occasional thumping by the construction on Pike St., we have witnessed some interesting abstract art outside the building. Thanks to members Peter Frantz for the collective title and Holly Foy for the images.

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