The wonder of abstract art is that its message is personal. It is intended for and interpreted differently by each viewer. It is meant to evoke a response. It begs you to look within and without, to question what you see. Be your reaction wonderment, disgust, humor, curiosity, or joy—that you feel something is to have found the delight in abstract art.



This show has a 2-decade history showcasing artworks of the human figure by Central Pennsylvania artists. Entry to the show is not juried. All work must have the human figure as the dominant theme; clothed figures, nudes, and portraits are all invited.



The Members Show offers the opportunity for all Art Alliance members, regardless of their level of expertise, to show their work.



The amazing things that can be created with recycled materials!



The SQUARE Show is an eclectic array of 6″x6″ works of arts created by Art Alliance members and friends with widespread artistic abilities. SQUARES are donated to the Art Alliance and become available for purchase online. Sales help support year-round Art Alliance programs for adults and children.

Art Alliance Exhibitions January 13, 2022

This section is a work in progress. Upcoming Art Alliance Exhibitions will appear here while we work on adding past shows. Thanks for your patience!