Instructors Show @ Schlow

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Have you ever wondered what kinds of artwork our instructors create in the mediums they teach? Look no further than Schlow Library! Now showing in the Betsy Allen Art Gallery in Schlow Library is the Art Alliance Instructor’s Show. See works created by:

  • Jennifer Kane (inks)
  • Anne Kenyon (pastels)
  • Marica Tacconi (acrylics)
  • Lena Thynell (watercolors)
  • Cindy Hassler (linocut)
  • Tricia Rubio (photography)
  • Nicole Packard (watercolors)
  • Susan Nicholas Gephart (oils & acrylics)
  • Michele Rojas Rivera (watercolors)

Be sure to check out and sign up for our fall classes and workshops!


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