Digital Realism

Maxine Jones at D.I.D. May–June

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Digital Realism

Art Alliance member and digital artist, Maxine Jones, will display her collection of work titled “Digital Realism” at the Downtown Improvement District Office May–June. 

Join Maxine for the opening of her show on May 5 around 5:30 pm during First Friday events.

All of Maxine’s artworks are hand drawn/painted with an Apple Pencil and iPad. Like most artists, photos are used for reference but she does not trace or otherwise copy her digital reference materials. 

Artist Bio

Maxine Brooks Jones
BA, MEd in Elementary Education
PA and NJ Certifications in Art Education

State College, PA
(Originally from Eastern PA)
Retired teacher of 26 years in School District of Philadelphia

I work digitally on my iPad with an Apple Pencil. My work is drawn freehand with no tracing or photomanipulation. I enjoy the challenge of making my drawings as close to the realism of photographs, which are mainly my own.

My creativity comes into play when choosing the photo, composition, or techniques to use. I draw in the SketchClub and Procreate apps.

I have been selected to exhibit in juried shows in Pal Alto for mDAC (Mobile Digital Art and Creativity Summit) from 2016 through the end of 2021, winning Honorable Mention. I am an Admin on Facebook’s Draw Something Only and have been on Bo’s Creative Challenge and Art With Everyone. I have won annual member awards for best floral and other categories in SketchClub.

“Maxine Jones” and also “Maxxam” on Facebook
“Enixammaxine” and “enixam2” on Instagram

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