CREATING CONSTELLATIONS, an art exhibit featuring the abstract paintings of local artist Melinda Harr Curley, will be on display at the Kish Bank Expect More Store located at 114 South Allen Street in State College from October 1 through 30. An Opening Reception will be held at the Expect More Store as part of the events of First Friday on Friday, October 1 from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m.

An avid supporter of the arts and the local community, Kish Bank regularly displays the work of local artists at its Expect More Store in partnership with the Downtown State College Improvement District. CREATING CONSTELLATIONS is sponsored by the Art Alliance of Central PA and displayed at Kish Bank through the Art Alliance Outreach Exhibitions Program.

Melinda Harr Curley invites you to look at life through different points of view and perspectives. She paints what she sees, and also feels, in the form of color, shape and line. These abstract imaginings capture a certain energy that flows unseen, but is sensed and known. CREATING CONSTELLATIONS considers our relationship with ourselves and how this forms a framework for our view outward. These projections are meant to be explored and examined with an open eye and heart. Curley writes a poem with each painting to further create an experience of each work. “Painting at my log cabin studio in Rothrock State Forest expands my vision to the frequency of the forest and beyond,” says Curley. “I believe within the physical beauty of art flows a life force energy that illumes and lifts the ringed center of ourselves.”

Curley paints with a weathered oak and stump as her easel among old-growth trees, ferns, and a snow-melt stream that inform her painting. Guided by natural forces surrounding her, she funnels energy into art. In addition to a Master of Fine Arts in poetry from New England College, she holds a Master of Business Administration from Penn State as well as a Bachelor of Arts in general arts and sciences, also from Penn State. Additional study has resulted in Usui Reiki Master and Shamanic Reiki Master Teacher certifications. She intends for each painting to be a blessing.

Curley also hosts the art podcast “The Frequency of Creativity – Exploring the Energetics of Art” on the Evolution Channel of the Super Power Experts network. The podcast receives 200,000 downloads each month. For information on Curley’s art and podcast, visit her website at:

Curley’s paintings on display may be purchased by contacting the Art Alliance. The display can be viewed during banking hours in accordance with all current COVID-19 safety guidelines.