Michele Randall Exhibition @ KISH

Aug 1, 2022 | AA Member Exhibitions, Latest News

Borders and Boundaries

Showing August 1–31 at KISH Bank Expect More Store at 114 S. Allen St., Borders and Boundaries by Art Alliance member Michele Randall. Her exhibition includes 36 works of art in encaustic and cyanotype print.

Join Michele to celebrate the opening of her show this Friday, August 5 from 5:30–7:30 pm. Snacks and drinks are generously provided by KISH Bank. Michele’s exhibition is also included in State College’s First Friday events.

See more of Michele’s artwork at michelerandallart.com or Instagram at @michelerandallart.

Artist Statement

My artwork explores the intangible boundaries between my identity as artist, mother and woman. Each is all-consuming, ever-changing, and filled with equal amounts of insecurity and gratification. I use the impermeable character of our natural environment as a metaphor to explore these ideas.

I paint abstract images using a combination of cyanotype prints and encaustic medium. Cyanotype photography captures subtle shifts in time. I use chance and interaction between the sun and water to produce dynamic borders on photosensitive paper.  Encaustic medium, a mixture of beeswax and natural resin is used to create a topographical exploration of place and time.

By choosing a process-heavy art practice, I force a tactile engagement between myself and my work. As the work progresses, the fatigue builds in my muscles and my mind, mirroring the act of motherhood, a practice that requires constant attention, and often shows invisible progress.

My current body of work investigates the permeable nature of personal boundaries as they are affected by larger societal changes.