What a great response from our wonderful artists! Thank you! Take a look and get inspired to make some or make some more. You are all amazing! Hang in there, we are all in this together, apart 🙂

We had so many I had to make four pages!

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Walking in Spring Creek Park and Tallyrand Park this week.

Anne Murton Cortese

Tree collage by Ann Echols

I took a big canvas that I got off of craigslist and covered it with paper pieces torn from outdated calendars, soaked in glue and water. I placed the paper pieces on the canvas using tweezers. Then, a tree decal that I picked up from Goodwill, was placed over the collage. 

Little birds from greeting cards were cut out and placed on the tree limbs.

I did this a self-therapy to heal from an adoption that didn’t work out. It was great for just zoning.

— Ann Echols

Charlie O’Neill
Gatesburg Village Art

What a wonderful idea!

Thanks for the encouragement and connection while we are all staying home!  I have been working on a handful of covered butter dishes in my home studio this past week. The piece in the picture is freshly thrown, altered and incorporates some hand built aspects as well. Just needs a bisque and then a glaze firing before completion.

Take care and stay healthy!

Christine Stangel

In light of recycling being suspended, my daughter and I have been sculpting aluminum cans to make flowers:  by cutting, curling, and making imprints.  We have 2 main styles, and a third idea in process today.

Jessica Currall

Kathleen Knechtel

Part of the Flying Geese project in Mifflin County

Kay Kirkland

Proof copy of my new book.  With all this time on my hands, I was able to work on the formatting, proofreading and other editorial chores needed to get the MS ready. 

Mike Bourgo, Boalsburg

Jason Lennox

“Weather-beaten”…. Mixed media on Blick 9” x 12” 140 lb. cold pressed 100% cotton watercolor paper…. The benefit of quarantine?!?!?!…. I tried all kinds of things on this portrait…. Daniel Smith watercolors, graphite powder, watercolor pencils (I missed the Art Alliance class where these were introduced and never used them before now), and ink!

Bob Lilli

Under painting in oils on canvas, 40×56. (My granddaughter).  Hope to finish this year….

Becky Lewis Thompson

I made this glass gem window curtain last week. A couple of years ago I made this glass gem room divider.

Mary Otto

Christine Lin

Lena’s Winter Watercolor Demo Video

We had so many I had to make four pages.

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