What a great response from our wonderful artists! Thank you! Take a look and get inspired to make some or make some more. You are all amazing! Hang in there, we are all in this together, apart 🙂

We had so many I had to make four pages!

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Been working on a few collaged cyanotypes

Michele Randall

Needle felted landscapes. 

Nicole Packard


In this time of social distancing, I have followed along to two Bob Ross tutorials! They are 8×10”, oil paint on canvas. 

Hope you’re doing well and staying safe!

Katherine Haar

Just finished this commission watercolor portrait of Spike on an 8″ by 8″ Aquaboard panel. It will be on it’s way to New South Wales, Australia, as soon as I can get to the Post Office.

Dean Harring

These are some of the things that Wes is keeping himself amused with! 

The round ones are 1 7/8″ wide with a circle of leather on the back which secures a pin so it becomes a brooch.

The little wooden faces are made of locally gathered Osage Orange wood. The dust of this wood is the color of turmeric.  The group of 3 together is entitled “Forget Social Distancing!”

There are a couple of drawings he’s done as well so quite a mixture.

Wes Glebe (from Christine)

Dee Stout


Jim Bright

bronze called: IN FULL BLOOM 

Jim Bright

Hi I have been painting 4×6 paintings of cherry blossoms which I mail to friends and give to people who help us. 

Linda Goncalves

I did this painting as I was cleaning out my paint jars which were almost empty. I used whatever colors were there, throwing each jar away as I used up the paint in the jar. The painting ended up feeling hopeful.

Rhonda Stern

Getting my Mother’s Day cards done.

A recently finished commission. Client still waiting on delivery due to our current situation. She is quite pleased with the results. (middle image of 2 pieces).

Experiments with inks and watercolor (last 2).

Francine Jones

We had so many I had to make four pages!

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