Our Members Stay-At-Home Artwork!

What a great response from our wonderful artists! Thank you! Take a look and get inspired to make some or make some more. You are all amazing! Hang in there, we are all in this together, apart 🙂

We had such a great response I had to make four pages! (so far, keep ‘em coming!)

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Click on the images for a larger view (or in some cases) a slideshow.


Amy Frank’s “Pandemic Prayer” collage and “Held” + process shots

My version of the red mountains of Arizona. Finished in March 2020. Stay healthy.

Diane Sweetland

Ingrid Morejohn’s printed and layered pages that uses to create an art journal. Printed with string, stencils and acrylic paint.

Clouds – don’t forget to look UP at all that beautiful art in the sky!”

Ingrid Booz Morejohn

Bec Shepski

I painted this horse with coffee, tea, paprika and turmeric.

Janet Riggio

My first attempts at painting with acrylics

Regina O’Neill

These are some other watercolors I have done over the winter months

Regina O’Neill

These are 7 watercolors I have completed in the past few months. I was scheduled to be in an exhibit in Elizabeth City, NC in May (Arts of the Albemarle) however it has been postponed.

Regina O’Neill

Bob Baumbach

I am making these reversible heart necklaces!

—Martha Bright

Portrait of my dog Boots-y.

My self-portrait.

Sofia Austin

“Mute Swan” Watercolor on Arches CP 140# paper and Daniel Smith, Windsor & Newton and Holbein Professional tube paints. 

Leslie Shellman

The first painting is a water color from a log cabin picture I took on the Appomattox museum grounds. I scanned my painting and made copies on canvas and photo paper to cut up and make this collage. It was a fun day!

— Judy Grove

Hi here are a couple at home still life and one picture of a flooded stream next to my house.

Matthew Stitch

Thanks for the opportunity!  These are all in pastels: Siena View; Magnolia blossoms; Cardinal Eggs

Mary Rohrer-Dann

Work in progress
Cat belongs to one of my daughters.

Lee McGann

Marsha Kramer

​I had to make 4 pages! (so far, keep ‘em coming!

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