What a great response from our wonderful artists! Thank you! Take a look and get inspired to make some or make some more. You are all amazing! Hang in there, we are all in this together, apart 🙂

We had so many I had to make four pages!

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Abstract – Crossover – Acrylic paint

by Sandra L. Miller

This is  a painting I’ve been reworking recently  I added the lone gull for all those “flying solo” through this crisis  I’m fine and hope all of you are too!

Sylvia Apple

Here’s my messy watercolor painting painted from life (daffodils).

My small watercolor paintings of Bellefonte are keeping my spirits up during the Covid-19 social distancing. I’ve been taking a lot of photos during walks around town and they are the inspiration for my paintings.  

Leslie Dyer

Mason Sampsel (age 12) acrylic paintings

Shino teapot set

Mark Messenger

Watercolor on Arches paper 10”x20”

Catherine Gowen

Doing a lot of walking these days. This was behind the Toll brothers development on Whitehall Rd.

Stacie Bird

Roxanne Naydan

This is Edna,an artist.  From her confined assemblage studio she is practicing social distancing.


My sympathy to fellow artists…..we will be Exhibiting again🌷

Christine Hill

Paintings for an Isolation Artists Challenge

Fran Jones

I would like to add to the Stay-At-Home-Time gallery.  The first art is a Catrina,  symbol of The Day of the Dead.

  The watercolor painting is a Humboldt  penguin, from  Chile, my home country.  And the last one, is also  a figure from my country. This is a Diablo (devil) from la Tirana. La tirana is a small town located on the North of Chile. Once a year, there are over 250,000 attendees, pilgrims made the long journey to the small desert town of La Tirana.  They go there to pray, to give thanks, offer steps to la Virgen del Carmen, patron saint of Chile.  The baile de las Diabladas (Devil’s Dance) are the most popular and iconic of the fiesta de La Tirana. The diablos represent sin, all the bad of humanity, therefore to dance the devil is to work out these demons, to turn them over to the virgin, to be forgiven and shown mercy by her grace.

Andrea Silva

We had so many I had to make four pages!

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