State College Photo Club 2nd Annual Youth Showcase and 75th Anniversary Exhibit

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Stop by KISH Bank Expect More Store in October to see works from the State College Photo Club. Opening night for the show is during State College First Friday on October 7 from 5:30 – 7:30 pm. Drinks and snacks are generously provided by KISH Bank.

Photos to be featured at the KISH Bank Expect More Store include the winners of the State College Photo Club 2022 Youth Showcase. All the winners are high school students at State College Area High School.

These photos were submitted to the national Photographic Society of America (PSA) Youth Showcase. Five of the twelve winners’ photos were accepted by PSA, including one that received an award.

The following accepted photos are being displayed at the 2022 PSA Photo Festival held in Colorado Springs, Colorado in late September:

  • Alexa Adams received Honorable Mention in the “Monochrome” category for printed images for her photo “Unrequited”
  • Melissa Briton received an acceptance in the “Photojournalism” category for printed images for her photo “Roar”
  • Annamae Leitzinger received an acceptance in the “Scapes” category for digital images for her photo “Farmer’s Almanac”
  • Kara Johnson received an acceptance in the “Color Choice” category for digital images for her photo “Cloak of Identity”
  • Samantha Kolbe received an acceptance in the “Monochrome” category for digital images for her photo “Hidden Impact”

The other 2022 Youth Showcase winners that will be on display at Kish Bank include:

  • Alexa Adams “Fleeting”
  • Aubrey Chilton “Between Two Skies”
  • Hayley Zellner “Dehazed”
  • Melissa Briton “Arbor”
  • Annamae Leitzinger “Anemoia”
  • Diane Saylor “The Cut”
  • Joslyn Corrin “Tunnel Vision”
  • Benjamin Hanlon “Feathering”
  • Emily Maciejzcyk “In the Fourth Wall”

We are grateful to Ms. Danielle Crowe, Art Teacher and Curriculum Coordinator, State College Area School District, for her involvement in encouraging her students to participate in the State College Photo Club Youth Showcase. We are also grateful to Mr. John McQueary of State College Framing Company for his support for framing the high school photos.  The framed photos will be given to the participating students after the exhibition.

In addition to the Youth Showcase photos, several members of the State College Photo Club will contribute photos for display as part of the club’s 75th anniversary year celebration. For more information about the club and to learn about membership, please visit or email [email protected].

posted on behalf of the State College Photo Club

A few images from the show are posted below. You’ll have to visit the show to see the rest!

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