Plein Air Adventures—Susan Nicholas Gephart Art Exhibit

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PLEIN AIR ADVENTURES is an art exhibit featuring paintings created in nature by ocal artist Susan Nicholas Gephart. They will be on display at the Kish Bank Expect More Store located at 114 South Allen Street in State College from November 30 to Thursday, January 27th. 

PLEIN AIR ADVENTURES is about the painting journey of Susan Nicholas Gephart’s never ending curiosity to paint nature. Susan says, The Earth, Water, and Sky, will always be her first inspiration. Influenced by her artist father, Susan Nicholas Gephart developed a deep appreciation of the earth and its relationship to art when she was a young child. Her passion to explore the landscape is expressed through a unique use of color, texture, and atmosphere, capturing the emotion of a moment with spontaneity and directness. Susan graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Pennsylvania State University in 1979, and an Associate in Arts from Montgomery County Community College in 1977. She has been exhibiting and painting award-winning pastel and oil landscapes for over fifty years. Her colorful, impressionistic studio and plein air paintings are in private and permanent collections internationally. Susan is an associate member of the Pastel Society of America, signature member and past president of the Central Pennsylvania Pastel Society, a founding member of the Central PA Farmland Preservation, and co-founder of the Plein Air Painters of Central Pennsylvania.

She has been instructing pastels since the mid 80’s, and organizing the Hameau Farm Studio Artist Retreats for all levels and mediums for 23 years. All of Susan’s workshops are supported by national art supply companies, allowing her students to sample and be inspired by a variety of fine art products. Susan also has her own S.Nicholas Signature line of Jack Richeson Hand-Rolled Soft Pastels called “Earth, Water, Sky”. Her workshops are advertised in Pastel Journal and PleinAir Magazine, and her art is advertised in Fine Art Connoisseur. Susan Nicholas was Plein Air Convention faculty 2016-2019, and this summer was international faculty for the virtual event, Pastel Live.

You can see Susan’s work at, Art a la Carte, Bellefonte, PA, Green Drake Gallery, Millheim, PA, State College Framing & Gallery, St. College, PA, and Ceres Gallery, New Hampshire.

Susan’s home studio of 35 years is located in Victorian Bellefonte in a 1902 home. It includes three floors of galleries and two working studios.

[email protected] 814-360-2116

The display can be viewed during banking hours in accordance with all current COVID-19 safety guidelines.

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