Recycled Show Call for Entry

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The Recycled Show is an opportunity for artists to express their concern for the environment and the importance of recycling programs like the one we are fortunate to have in Centre County.

We invite you to search your garage, basement, and attic and find interesting materials to create an entry for this exciting show!

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The show is in March instead of April and will be on display for a month.

Venue is KISH Bank Expect More Store.

Artwork may not hang from the ceiling or exceed 4’x4’ in a wall hanging. No floor pieces. 3D work must fit within a 2’x2’ pedestal surface.

Artwork drop off & pick up will be at KISH Bank Expect More Store instead of the Art Alliance.

Commission on sold works by non-members is 30%.

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Gloria Plosky Scaltz attended Pennsylvania State University studying art and art education. She taught art in the State College elementary schools for thirty-nine years. Making art for most of her life, her main focus is collage and assemblage. She searches the internet, antique shops, and even parking lots for interesting bits of rust, stone, and wood. Now retired, her days are filled with recycling her finds into visual stories. Gloria is a three-time award winner in past Recycled Shows.

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All works must be made primarily from recycled or repurposed materials and adhere to the theme “Make it Work!” Materials found in nature (i.e. rocks, grass, etc.) may be included but may not comprise the majority of materials used.

Artists must include a short statement about how their works align with the show’s theme. Collaborations are welcome.


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Entry is not juried and is open to artists of all ages. Artists may submit up to two pieces. The entry form and non-refundable fee are due by Friday, February 24, 2023.

Art Alliance members will receive a Call for Entry form by mail; or you may download a printable version now.

  1. Enter online
  2. Pay the entry fee ($30 for Art Alliance Members, $40 for non-members)

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Place awards are generously sponsored by Joe Krentzman & Son and, with Honorable Mentions, will be announced at the Opening Reception March 3 5:30–7:30 pm at KISH Bank Expect More Store at 118  S. Allen St. State College.

First place prize is $200, second place $150, third place $100.

Visitors may cast a virtual or in-person ballot for their favorite entry. The artist whose work receives the most votes will be awarded $100.

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  1. Make sure your work is securely wired and ready to hang. Wall hangings must be wired on back, no hooks.
  2. 3-D work may not exceed 100 lbs. The piece must be stable in its position and securely attached to its base.
  3. Label your artwork.

The chair reserves the right to reject entries that do not meet these requirements and will have the final decision on how the work is displayed.

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Artists are expected to deliver and pick up their work on the dates and times listed below. If you have a conflict, arrange for someone to drop off or pick up on your behalf. Artworks may not be stored at the venue and they will not be transported to the Art Alliance. The Art Alliance is not responsible for lost or damaged artwork.

Drop Off:

  • KISH Bank 118 S. Allen St.
  • February 28, 11:00 am–1:00 pm. 

Pick Up:

  • KISH Bank 118 S. Allen St.
  • April 4, 11:00 am–1:00 pm. 

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The juror will select pieces to be included in an extended show, displayed inside wall cases at the Centre County Recycling and Refuse Authority. Dates TBA. If you do not want your piece considered please indicate this on the entry form.

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Please contact Show Chair Anni Matsick at [email protected]; or the Art Alliance at (814) 234-2740 or [email protected].

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The Art Alliance charges a 20% commission of the selling price for work by Art Alliance Members sold at the show. Work sold by non-members will incur a 30% commission.