SQUARE Show Wrap Up

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Thank You!

The Art Alliance Board of Directors would like to thank our members and friends who donated the many examples of high quality art works for our 2022 SQUARE show/sale. This year’s SQUARES were diverse in media, subject matter, and approach; and ranged from whimsical to detailed narrative works.

65 artists (including 23 students) donated 230 SQUARES resulting in ~$3,500 to support our year round art programs—THANK YOU!

Student Award Winners

We would like to recognize 2022 SQUARE Show Student Award Winners:

  • Landyn Miller, Bellefonte Area High School
  • Kimmy Edwards, Bellefonte Area High School
  • Makena Lake, Bellefonte Area High School

Each of these award winners showed outstanding ability to tell a complete story within the 6”x6” SQUARE. Each work showed a high level of craftsmanship. These students will be given a small monetary award and our thanks for their contribution to the event.

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Participating Artists

A special thank you to Wes Glebe for donating 40 SQUARES and Cassie Campbell for donating more than 20! Below are all of the artists who donated SQUARES: 

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  • Randi Lee Anderson
  • Joy Anderson Anderson
  • Irena Ashel
  • Rosalie Bailey
  • Ashlynn Bair
  • Lisa Baumgartner
  • Ashlynn Blair
  • Erin Bolger Welsh
  • Jim Bright
  • Hannah Bryan
  • Cassie Campbell
  • Janet Elizabeth Campbell
  • Frank Cason
  • Heather Confer
  • Melinda Curley
  • Karen Deutsch
  • Pat Dolan
  • Kimmy Edwards
  • Kylee Esh
  • Lily Eyer
  • Dotty Ford
  • Jill Foster

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  • Mike Frazier
  • Edward Frye
  • Elody Geikis
  • Wes Glebe
  • Breanne Goldsmith
  • David Goncalves
  • Hope Goncalves
  • Daniel Grubb
  • Eva Guenther
  • Linda Hale
  • Art Heim
  • Jennifer Kane
  • Sue Kauffman
  • Peg Klinger
  • Makena Lake
  • Karen Litner
  • Jeff Mathison
  • Mary McGuire
  • Christina McNeill
  • Mark Messenger
  • Landyn Miller

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  • Jasper Miller
  • Tim Reeder
  • Chloe Sell
  • Celta Simmons
  • Carol Ann Simon Cillo
  • Candace Smith
  • Ella Smith
  • Zoey Steiner
  • Melissa Stephens
  • Rhonda Stern
  • Jililan Stoltz
  • Dee Stout
  • Leslie Strother
  • Reese Waltos
  • Elizabeth Wilson
  • Ashely Yoder
  • S. Zappe
  • L.A.M.
  • Regan
  • D.B.
  • Miranda
  • Elisa

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