Saturday, August 24, 1–5pm 

As part of the You Can Be Part of the Solution project to make cloth grocery bags to replace single use plastic bags, the Art Alliance and Micaela Amateau are offering a Pop-up class on August 24th, 1–5pm. 

We are not buying new materials but re-purposing old clothes/table cloths and using fabric from home, even some of the instructor’s grandmother’s fabric from the 1930/40s! 

If you would like to participate in this important cause, please come and bring friends! You do not need to bring your own fabric but can if you wish. There is no fee. 

Snacks and drinks are included as well and all necessary supplies will be provided for your use. 

Fee: none

Contact the Art Alliance at least ONE DAY BEFORE THE CLASS TO SIGN UP 
at or call the office at 814-234-2740